DCA/ReBuy Signals
Enlarge your position size if the price drops throw signals, lowering the average buying price.
It works with GET too, but POST is more secure.
In case you want to use GET instead of POST, parameters can be sent in the URL as in the following example:


Before accepting any DCA/ReBuy signal, you need to enable the option in the provider configuration:
The first thing to do, is to activate the Accept DCA/ReBuys Signals option, then you will see two new options:

DCA/ReBuy Quantity Percentage

This is the percentage from your current position size that it will be invested for the new buy order. ANDERSON-DCA Strategy is based in doubling your current position size, so you would have to use 100% if you want to follow that strategy.

DCA/ReBuy Max Triggers

How many additional buys are you going to allow in. Once this limit is reached, no new buys would be performed for this position.


If you enable this option in your provider configuration, your configuration in the general settings for DCA/ReBuys won't be used, even if the provider doesn't send any DCA/ReBuys signal.
Once a new buy is performed, the average buying price is recalculated and stop losses, trailing stops and take profit targets are recalculated too for working with the new average buying price.
Last modified 2yr ago