TradingView integration

This guide will show you how to connect your TradingView account with Zignaly.

Needed steps

  1. Create a Custom Provider

  2. Alerts syntax example

  3. Link your TradingView

1. Creating a Custom Provider

To create a Custom Provider simply go to Providers and click on the "Create" button to start. You just need to put some name and description and click on "Create" again. You can edit all the options later.

This is an example of Custom Provider when done

2. Alert syntax example for BUY

This is an example of a basic alert to send us a buy signal from your TradingView account:

key = 565kadfk43kl1cb1Knd3De8e5459ja
signalId = xrpbtc (otional)

As you can see, the only value that you need to change is the pair when setting new alerts.

The signalId value it's only required if you want to send SELL signals later, to locate the position you want to sell, as the example below.

3. Alert syntax example for SELL

key = 565kadfk43kl1cb1Knd3De8e5459ja
signalId = xrpbtc

Optionally, you can use a lot more values with the alerts. You can check all the options available in our buying mail signals and sell mail signals.

In order to link your TradingView account to Zignaly you need to use the Email-to-SMS option in your TradingView settings, or directly from the form where you edit the alerts. Just click in the Email-to-SMS field and enter this email:

Email-to-SMS Option

That's all. Did you expect it to be more complicated? ;)