TradingView integration

This guide will show you how to connect your TradingView account with Zignaly.

Needed steps

  1. Get your service key

  2. Alerts syntax example

  3. Link your TradingView

1. Get your service key

Once you have created a copy-trader or a signal-provider, just to go to the edit view and you will find your service key there. It's important that you don't share this key with anybody because it controls your service (sending buy/sell orders to the exchange).

2. Alert syntax example


This is an example of a basic alert to send us a buy signal from your TradingView account. Is JSON format:


The signalId is optional (only required if you are gonna send sell signals later).


It's important that the signalId match the signalId of a previous entry signal.


Optionally, you can use a lot more parameters with the alerts. You can check all the options available in our signals how-to.

If the webhook is not working, probably is because the syntax is wrong. You can't insert anything other than the json (no title or extra parameter) if you need to insert something, add it as a field:value inside the json. Also, this is a good resource recommended by the community to check your json format:

In order to link your TradingView account to Zignaly you need to use the Webhook URL option in your TradingView alert box. Check the option and introduce our signal endpoint:

That's all. Did you expect it to be more complicated? ;)