MiningHamster integration
To do so, you need to create a MiningHamster account first. Once done follow these steps:
    On the MiningHamster website, go to Settings and paste this Bot Customer Key as the image below: 7qBLhcuxbAa6Z16pTPzteaxuwb14AQ5k
    Once saved, go to API and copy your API key from there.
    Now open Zignaly and go to Signals / Providers.
    Click on “Connect” on the “MiningHamster Signals” box.
    Paste your API key, and click on "create".
    That’s all, from now on, each time we receive a signal that match your criteria (exchange, base currency), a new position will be opened for you automatically.
Note: We encourage to check the “Lab” section inside the MiningHamster website to take info about good settings for their signals. Ask us if you need any help.
Last modified 3yr ago
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