How to create a public provider

Learn how to create a public provider and get paid for it.

Create a provider as always

Visit the Providers -> Your Providers view in your dashboard.

Providers -> Your Providers

Click in the create button and you will be asked some info about the provider.

Create your own provider view

Remember that this is going to be a public provider, so a good title and description would be nice in order to attract people.

Once you have create it, you will be sent to the providers' list and, at the bottom, you will see your just created provider. If you click on "Update" you will be able to select options for you, whatever you select here, won't affect to what the users chose.

Sending Signals

You can decide to send the signals directly to our endpoint or through email. Remember that you can send three different types of signals: buy, sell and dca/rebuy. In the previous link you will find info about it (or in the left sidebar).

We'll ask you to send some signals before making this provider public in order to check that everything is working.

Implement a payment system

Our payment system

We will handle the payments, but they will be directly to your account. We don't charge for you, we just give you the tools so you can charge to the users.

The first thing that you need to do, it's to open an account in CoinPayments. Log in and visit your Account Settings, there your will see your Merchant ID:

CoinPayments Merchant ID

Note your Merchant ID, you will need to provide it to us.

Now, in that same screen, go to the Merchant Settings (the fourth tab) and look for the IPN Secret input:

CoinPayments IPN Secret

There you have to put an string, some numbers and letters (no spaces) and also note it, you will need to provide it to us.

If you want to configure anything else in that view, feel free to do it. Just have in consideration that we use USD for showing the pricing of your service.

Finally in the Coin Settings screen choose as many cryptocurrencies as you want to accept. We recommend you to accept Paypal too, most of our users use it.

Now contact us (mail, Discord, Telegram, Chat...), and have ready your Merchant ID and IPN Secret. We'll also ask you if you want to give a trial period (normally 7 days but it depends of the type of signals that you handle or the frequency).

That's all!

Your own payment system

If you are already handling the payment of your users, you can keep doing it. But we need a way to know if a user is paying to you. For that we'll need two things from you:

  1. Codes for your users: You need to provide with an exclusive code to each user that want to use your signals inside Zignaly.

  2. An endpoint for checking if the user is active: We need a way to know if a user is active inside your system. For that we'll use the code that you provided to the user in your endpoint, and this has to respond if it's active or not.

If you already have this system implemented, talk to us to give us instructions about how your endpoint works and we'll implement our part.

What options your service support?

So far you could send all this information in your signals:

  • Stop Loss

  • Take Profits Targets

  • Trailing Stop Values

  • Sell Signals

  • Re-using the same signalId (helpful if you use TradingView for generating your signals and also manage sell or rebuy/dca signals).

  • DCA/ReBuys Signals

  • Terms filters

  • Risk filter

For a detailed description about how each option works, visit the signals description in the left sidebar or talk to us.


We'll create a room in our Discord group for this provider, it would be great if you can be there. Users usually appreciate direct contact with the providers. We also promote your user inside our group.

Next step?

Are you ready to start? Great! Contact us by Email, Discord or Telegram and start a conversation. We'll guide you to create a success with your provider launch.

This is what we need from you:

  • Logo Square image with at least 128x128px

  • Description Explaining your strategy, kind of signals, recommended settings, etc.

  • Website Or social profile if you have already. It will give you social trust.

  • Payment (Optional)

    • Price

    • Trial period in days User will value this

    • Merchant ID From

    • IPN Secret From

  • Signal types (buy, sell, dca) Tell us which signals will you send

  • Signal options: Tell us which options did you need

    • Accept Stop Loss Value From Signal?

    • Accept Take Profits Values From Signal?

    • Accept Trailing Stop Values From Signal?

    • Accept Sell Signals?

    • Allow reusing the same signalId if there isn't any open position using it?

    • Accept DCA/ReBuys Signals

    • Check terms from provider