How to become a copy trader
3 Steps to become a copy trader
A copy-trader is different from a signal-provider in that the copy-trader manages a balance from the user and takes care of the user account, sometimes even managing users' positions individually.

1) Creating your Zignaly Copy Trader account

Once you are logged in your Zignaly account, go to Copy Traders and click the blue Become a Copy Trader button.
Fill the form with the following:
    Name: Introduce your public trader name (It's much better if you use a real name).
    Minimum Allocated Balance: This is the minimum investment that the followers must set to start copying your account. This is a very important parameter. You need to have into consideration your strategy. If you plan to have 5 concurrent positions, and also you plan to increase the position size of each one, a couple of times, you will need that your followers have allocated enough balance for covering everything. Take into consideration that we work with percentage when opening a position, so the size will be proportional to the allocated balance of each follower.
    Quote: Each copy trading account can only trade with one quote, so you need to tell us versus which coin you'll trade always for this account. Let's say BTC.
    Exchange: It can be Binance and KuCoin for now, but more exchanges are coming.
    Exchange type: It can be Spot (normal) or Futures (that will let you short and do leverage).

2) Connect to your own service

After created, you'll find your Copy-Trader service on the Copy Traders section, if you don't see it, just navigate to other section and come back, or simply refresh the page.
You need to connect to your own service, just click in your service card and you will find these options:
Click in the Max Allocated Balance box and then specify the balance that you want to allocated to your own service. The system will never use more than this amount between all your opened positions.
Finally, select the exchange and you are good to start trading.

3) Start trading

There is three ways of trading:

4) Edit your profile

Before being listed in the marketplace, or just if you want to adjust how your service looks, you can use the edit page and update some options.
    Set a picture: If you agree, we think that providers with the face as picture will give more trust and will convert better, more followers.
    The name: In the same line, we think that real names will convert better than "brands", but it's up to you what to choose.
    Description: Here is the place where you can explain about your strategy, the risk involved in your strategy and some achievements as a trader.
You also will find payment info (in case you want to charge for your services) and other copy-trading settings.

5) Be listed in the marketplace

By default your service is public buy hidden to the community. We need some minimum historical before listing you in the marketplace. Once you see that is the time to become public, simply send us an email to [email protected] with your API Key.
You'll find your key under the Edit tab, inside your Copy Trader provider. Something like https://zignaly.com/api/signals.php?key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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