Selling Signals

This guide will show you how to send sell signals from e-mail.

Preparing the e-mail


We'll start showing an example of a mail and then will describe each option:

key = 565kadfk43kl1cb1Knd3De8e5459ja
pair = xrpbtc
exchange = Binance
type = sell
signalId = 1

One option per line in the format key = value.


Required. Before start sending email signals, you need to create a provider and get its key (from the Signal URL, the key parameter).

Provider Example


Required. This the pair for what you are going to close the position. It has to exists in the exchange.


The exchange where you want to open a position. If any is provided, the default Binance exchange will be used.


Required. For selling signals it has to be sell.


Required. The signalId parameter is mandatory and it will identify the position that you want to close. You already send this ID when opened the position.


Optional. It can be market or limit. Limit orders type remove the current undone take profits targets from the user and place a new one, for the remaining amount at the suggested price in the signal.


Optional. The suggested selling price, it only works for limit orderType, if you don't send any, and you are using orderType=limit, the current market price will be used. Price parameter is modified by the user "Sell Price Deviation".


Optional. The suggested final selling price. It only works for orderType=limit. it doesn't have into consideration the "Sell Price Deviation".

Sending the e-mail

The options can be sent to: [email protected]

You can use whatever Subject you want, we don't look into it.

Parameters have to be one per line, if you can't add new lines, you can use || to separate parameters.