Copy Trading vs Signals
Differences between copy trading and signal providers
This is a common question that is sometimes not very clear to our users.

Using Signals

If a user follow the signals of a signal provider, will need to take care of the settings. Usually the signal provider will recommend the best settings to use together with his signals, but some are not. Even with this, sometimes you'll need to edit your positions, change values like Stop Loss, Take Profit, etc. or directly close them to avoid loses, for example if the market experience a big movement.
In other words, you can't forgot about your account, you'll need to go checking and adjusting things, because the signal provider is not able to edit and manage your already opened positions.

Using Copy Trading

When a user is copying a trader, all that the trader does on his account, it will be automatically replicated on the user (copier) account. Whenever the trader open, edit, update or close a position, it will be automatically replicated on the user's account. And the most important thing, the trader will be able to control the risk, that is key to long-term profits.
So Copy Trading is 100% automated. Instead to worry about trading management, you can go selecting the best traders to copy, the ones with better results in the long-term to minimize your risks and get better results.
Last modified 1yr ago