Basic settings

Last updated 7 months ago

These are the initial settings needed to start using Zignaly.

API Key and Secret: Just paste the created Binance keys.

Base Currency: Just select BTC, we only allow this coin as base currency for now.

Position Size: The amount to invest on each position.

We recommend a minimum of 0.0015 BTC. (Due to the 0.001 BTC minimum from Binance but assuming some loss, to be able to sell even with an small loss.

Buy Price Deviation (Optional): A value in %. If the price increases above this amount since you place the order, we’ll cancel the buying order. (Ex: 1 %)

Buy Order Expiration (Optional): A value in mins. If the buy order is not executed before this time, we’ll cancel the buying order. (Ex: 2 Min)

Stop Loss: A negative value in %. If the price drop from the buying price to this %, we’ll close (sell) the position. It’s the risk you are willing to take. We encourage you to use it. (Ex: -5 %)

Trailing Stop (Distance): Once the Trailing stop trigger has been reached, a stop loss order at a distance of this % will follow the higher price. Each time a new higher price has been reached, the stop loss order will be updated in the exchange. (Ex: -2 %)

Trailing Stop Trigger: The trailing stop won’t be active until the higher price has reached this percentage over the buying price. (Ex: 5%)

Example of settings