Quickstart guide

First steps to get Zignaly up and running:

  1. Go to Settings and save your Binance API Keys

  2. Enable a signal provider

  3. Configure the settings of the chosen provider

  4. That's it! Just wait the next signal 😉

Alternatively, you can use it for manual trading through our Trading Terminal.

How to choose a signal provider

It's up to you which provider to enable but let's share some info to take in consideration to choose one If you don't know any of them and just want to test our platform.

Regarding price: As you can see in the providers available currently, there are some free and others paid. Some of the paid providers have trial to test them before you make a payment. Click in the "Connect" button to go inside and check all the provider info and see if they have trial period or not.

Regarding quality: We encourage to check our "Trading results" chat inside our Discord. There is the place where our users are usually sharing their results, this can help you take your decision. Besides that, there is a section called "Performance Stats" that you can check for each provider that gives to you a lot of information about their performance. Once you have the table open, put your mouse over the titles to see the meaning of each column.

Regarding their strategy: Check the term of their signals to match your goals. Some providers are bringing "Scalping" signals that usually are closed within the same day. Others have medium or long term signals that can take up to a week or more to close. Read their description to have all this info clear.

Most of the providers are sharing recommended settings to use their signals.

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